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Jump-start your career in training to become a certified Permanent Makeup Artist. The Academy at MicroPigment Center offers the highest quality of hands-on training, proper and thorough instruction in order to be successful. Upon completion of this course, you can immediately start with your new profession in hair stroke eyebrows; eyeliner as well as full lip color application that will help boost your career. It is of importance that the procedure prices that you will be charging reflect your professionalism, as well as the value of the MicroPigment Center standards. Whether you are a cosmetologist or esthetician, or in a completely different industry, permanent makeup artistry is one of the most elite and lucrative fields in the world of beauty. It is no wonder that permanent makeup is in such high demand.

As a permanent makeup artist, you will enter the most gratifying and confidence building career of your life. Whether it is restoring the natural beauty to a woman’s face or enhancing their new looks, you will be giving them a new sense of beauty.

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