Permanent makeup for eyebrow, eyeliner, lip

Untitled-9Get a Natural Look With Semi-Permanent Makeup!

Not everyone can have or achieve PERFECT brow every day. Let’s admit it ladies–drawing your brow everyday can be stressful! One may come out higher than the other or too thick and you have to start over. Let alone it can be very time consuming, and we don’t always have time to perfect our brow when on-the-go! Well now you can get the Micro Hair Stroke semi-permanent brow! Stop wasting your money and time drawing the perfect brow! When you’re having a long day you don’t want to worry about them smearing or wiping off! If you come into Permanent Cosmetic Studio you can have them done quick and easy with such a natural look, you would never have to worry about your brow looking penciled again! These brow can last you around 3-5 YEARS! Get the shape and color that fits your face the best!

With our special permanent makeup technique, you can have beautiful and natural-looking brow for up to several years. You can’t even tell that they’re tattooed on. Leave everyone amazed with your amazing new set of brow!
Bad brow days are now a thing of the past. Whether they are sparse, or you are simply tired of filling them every day, our technicians will work to fulfill your needs. You deserve to go anywhere with confidence. So what are you waiting for? Call us today!

If you’re looking for realistic, 3-D permanent makeup then you’ve come to the right place! Go to sleep and wake up always looking your very best.
When it comes to beauty, DON’T SETTLE FOR LESS! Come to Permanent Cosmetic Studio TODAY!